Improve your product with hyper-local technology that works regardless of users' cellular or Wi-Fi availability.

Cross Platform

Android, iOS, Windows, macOS. Can't we all get along? Yes, we can, with Crowd Cloud.

Connecting Users

The Crowd Crowd platform includes hyper-local and mesh peer-to-peer networking.


Crowd Cloud is fast, secure and encrypted with a decentralized infrastructure.

You know your stuff - we know ours

Yeah, keep doing what you know best!

The Crowd Cloud platform has been used with multiple verticals. If you want customers to engage with you or among themselves - when at your place - then we should talk.

As you scale, so does Crowd Cloud

Sometimes you start off small and need to scale. No problem, with Crowd Cloud you are ready for the big league. Our platform is engineered for growth.

Let Crowd Cloud make your life better

We can partner to embed the Crowd Cloud platform into your your site or app, and transform how you engage with your customers. Talk to us about your goals, and we'll show you how Crowd Cloud can help.