We like questions. But hopefully we've made Crowd Cloud easy to use and you'll not need this page again!

Is Crowd Cloud really anonymous?

You will need to create a Crowd Cloud profile. However, while using Crowd Cloud, you are not identified by your profile. It's your choice if you'd like people in a Crowd to know who you are based on what's included in your profile.

Also, we cannot see your communications with others in a Crowd - those interactions are encrypted on your device with a private key (don't worry, we won't ask you to keep track of a real key). Crowd Cloud may store data for your convenience, but we can't see it.

Is Crowd secure?

Yes, so don't give anyone your phone password. We keep it secure on our end by encrypting your information. When you interact with other Crowd Cloud users, those communications and engagements are between you and your fellow Crowd Cloud users. We don't keep your information, nor can we see it.

For a more technical answer, we use state-of-the-art cryptography with private keys. If you lose or wipe your phone, you lose your keys, and will appear to be a new person to the P2P network. Only people you yourself give permission to can see your data.

Will it work with my phone?

We made Crowd Cloud so people can engage and connect hyper-locally, no matter the device. You may have used AirDrop from iPhone to iPhone before -- but not to your friend's Android. With Crowd Cloud, that issue is solved and included with the other features and benefits in Crowd Cloud.

Can I use Crowd Cloud today?

Currently, Crowd Cloud is in early private testing for iPhone, iPad, and Android. We're working on macOS, Windows, and Linux support. Apple makes it hard to communicate off-the-grid between iOS and Android, but we made it work so you don't have to worry.