Engage people and Crowds near you, anonymously, regardless of cellular or Wi-Fi availability.

Connect with Friends

Quickly share the fun stuff you want regardless of what phone your friend has. Videos. Photos. No problem.

Regardless of Network

No cellular? No Wi-Fi? No problem, Crowd Cloud hyper-local networking connects you, no matter what.

Private and Anonymous

It’s safe to engage with people and services near you. Go ahead, connect and chat with others!

You define your Crowd

5 people or 50,000 people, your Crowd can be as big or as small as you'd like.

Location Crowds are based on being in the same place (like a restaurant, park, or event).

Device Crowds are for people you've met and invited to join. Stay engaged later, even when you're no longer in the same place.

As you grow, so does Crowd Cloud

Sometimes you start off small and need to grow. Sometimes, you want to stay small. That's great, and with Crowd Cloud you are ready.

There are several ways you can create your Crowd - such as make a permanent Crowd and have it grow over time. Or, place a time limit such as a day or month, and then the Crowd disperses.

As always, you're in control!

Finding a Crowd location

On the Crowd Cloud app, you'll see places people have claimed as their Crowd. Seek them out. Join them for a day or longer - you decide.

And, you stay anonymous while in their Crowd, unless you decide not to be anymore. You remain in control. No need to worry!